Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Helluva Week...

This week has been quite a crazy one. Since the last post on Tuesday, here's what has happened: I played piano for Bastille Day out at Missoula Winery (ate LOTS of great cheese), tried to make sweet potato tots and failed, did a show in P-Burg, sighted in my rifle, went with Caenaan to Whitefish to see Alpine Theatre Project's production of Hair, spent the night in Whitefish and partied with the cast, drove all the way back to P-Burg to do another show, worked at Next Step Prep, made grilled pizza. Whew! It has gone by SO fast. But I will elaborate on what Caenaan and I did together, since that is what this blog is supposed to be about.

On Saturday, we had tickets to see Hair at the Alpine Theatre Project in Whitefish. First, however, we went out to Deep Creek Rifle Range to sight in my rifle. Caenaan got it for me this year, and I will be going deer hunting with him int he fall. I'd never shot a rifle before, and was quite nervous. When you sit away from the gun and someone else is shooting it, it's freaky, because you actually feel the percussion from the shot. It made the hair on my arms stand up. It's also VERY loud. Caenaan sighted it in for me, and then I had to shoot it. I was very nervous, expecting it be loud and to kick hard and hurt my shoulder. It wasn't too bad though. When you're actually shooting the gun, it's not as loud and you don't feel that same percussion blast as when you sit farther away. I managed to shoot four shots within an inch and a half of one another at 100 yards. Pretty good for a girl. I forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure we will go again.

Then, we headed off for Whitefish. One of my favorite sights on the way up to Flathead is when you come over the hill at St. Ignatius and see the Mission Mountains. They are just so beautiful.

When we got to Whitefish, our friend Brendan (who plays trumpet in the band) took us to a great Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda. I would highly recommend eating there if you are in town. The fish tacos were to DIE for! We had a few pitchers at the adjoining bar, then headed to the show.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Alpine Theatre Project, go check out their website. They are a professional theatre in Whitefish that put on top notch productions. I am music directing Hair at the University in the fall, so I was very excited to see it and get a feel for the show. Caenaan was nervous and thought he wouldn't like it. However, he was blown away by the quality. The cast was absolutely amazing, as was the band, and overall, it was a great show. After the show, we went with Brendan and picked up beer for what would be an awesome night. The cast was having a taco party up at their condos, and we were lucky enough to be invited. Their living quarters are amazing, since Whitefish is quite a rich community and certain benefactors donate their condos to the cast for housing. It was so fun to get to meet the cast... it's weird hanging out with people who have done Broadway and national tours of shows and find that they are so down to earth. Here is Brendan's gnome, hanging out in the VORTEX...

The band has been playing tricks on each other using this gnome... he randomly shows up in people's cars, their beds, in the bathroom. It's fun.

So we stayed up far too late, drinking Miller Lite (VORTEX!) and eating tacos at the most amazing condo on Big Mountain. Then we had to get up at the crack of dawn and drive all the way back to Missoula, then I had to get in the car and drive to Philipsburg to do a show. That's life when you do summer theater.

The last few days have been spent recovering from our whirlwind weekend... Caenaan worked super hard today, so I made him grilled pizza for dinner. Recipe to follow!

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  1. Every time those Mission Mountains pop up so unexpectedly, I'm blown away. Every. Single. Time. :)