Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Hatfields at a Glance

Now that we're married and don't have to plan a wedding every day, we have been looking for ways to spend more time together... Weird. We've chosen this blog. It will be a way for us to tell everyone what we've been doing, and in the process, hopefully we will find more fun and creative things to do together. We'll see. It may just end up a blog about us watching Sunday night programming on HBO (riveting). Let's start with some background about us as a couple.

We met in college, both being music students (band geeks). We dated for four and half years before getting married on May 1st.

After our honeymoon in Hawaii,

we returned to Montana, and are living, working and trying to enjoy our summer in Missoula. Lizzie is constantly off to Philipsburg, playing piano for The Operahouse Theatre Company and Caenaan manages the wine warehouse for Summit Beverage in Missoula.

We live in a tiny, very old rental house...

but it's surrounded by green trees, a big yard, fields and the river. Almost as if we don't live in the middle of town. Our cat, Boo, loves it.

So, in the future, expect to see blogs about wine, food, our cat (and the possibility of a kitten... we'll see), music, theatre, home projects, trips we take, our friends, family and everything else that we could possibly experience together. Enjoy!

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  1. Hehe i like it! And your thank you card was funny! Go be domestic! : P