Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodbye Giftcards....

I've been carrying around massive amounts of giftcards with me since the wedding... which, I realize, probably isn't a good idea. If I lose them, I'm effed. But I just can't help it, knowing that if I happen to find myself wandering through Bed Bath and Beyond, I could buy something without spending any real money. Ha. The Target cards have been the worst, though, as I tend to spend them (even though they're Caenaan's too... shhh, don't tell). Well, today, those Target gift cards were put to DAMN good use.

The day started off... weird. I left Caenaan in bed to go watch my friends Shelley and AJ finish the half marathon. When I came home, Caenaan had made me a beautiful omelet with bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic and Parmesan cheese... om nom nom. But since I haven't learned the "ways of the wife" and/or how to be grateful... well, we got into a fight. Let's just leave it at that. After crying, pouting and throwing my glasses onto the sidewalk, we got over it and both drove back downtown to watch my other friend Emily finish the full marathon. (On a side note, how LAZY do you have to be to DRIVE to watch your friend finish a friggen' marathon? Maybe soon you'll be seeing posts about our gluttonous butts trying to get into shape. Maybe.)

Here's Emily, right before crossing the finish line

We then started this blog, went to eat at Stone of Accord, bought some ant killer at Lowes, and then stopped at Target to print some wedding photos for an upcoming project of mine (I'm sure you'll hear about it soon). While I was cursing the touch-screen photo kiosk, Caenaan wandered off into Target. He came back having found some awesome deals on patio furniture and grills - both of which we promised to buy with our gift cards from the wedding, because our patio furniture looks like this:

It was my parent's table growing up... sorry Mom. So we ran home, killed some ants, grabbed the gift cards and went back to Target. Here are our purchases, NONE of which we payed for out of pocket! I think we saved about $300 total...

THE MAN GRILL with side burner... Caenaan is SO excited!

Metal table and four folding wrought iron chairs

We spent the evening putting all of our purchases together, laughing over the stupid sissy tools they include for you to use, sweating our balls off and cursing far less than I expected. Then we sat outside and drank the ChocoVine that Caenaan has been dying to try since they got it into the warehouse a few months ago.

ChocoVine is from Holland, and is a red wine blended with real chocolate and cream. I didn't know what to expect, and turned my nose up at the idea of it when he told me about it, but it was actually quite good. It tasted a lot like a mudslide, but it left a fruity taste in your mouth. We went to three different stores trying to find it (you would think as the manager of the wine room at Summit, Caenaan would know which stores carry it) and finally found it at Pattee Creek Market. We each drank about a third of a glass, but honestly, a cordial glass would suit this wine better. However, we have plenty left over for the inevitable barbecue we will have in the next few weeks, so Caenaan can show off his MAN GRILL and I can show off all of the great projects you will be hearing about on here (I hope). With that, I'll leave you with a picture of the sunset tonight, as seen from our ant-free backyard.

Mrs. Hatfield :)


  1. I love and miss you, wish I was on your porch drinking with you guys!

  2. ha ha it's funny... I was halfway through reading this and thought to myself "Hmmm I think that's going to call for a BBQ soon..." and then you completely read my mind... before I thought it, no less. {since you obviously wrote this before I read it} This leads me to believe you're brilliant :)